I used Turbo C when i was in highschool, and it was pretty good debugger, looking at Visual studio, you don't see a lot of improvements over borland turbo C. looking at memory as a bitmap or as a sound clip, looking at how the variable changed across the scope, viewing a graph of a variable or 2 across time, all are things that could have been implemented in current debuggers, but haven't, or at least not in a satisfactory way.
In my old job as a backward engineer (of non digital system) we always used graphs. there was a general feelings that graphs are such strong things, that if somebody couldn't give you a graph supporting his theory, it means that theory is weak, meanwhile, debuggers give you a view only to numbers shown in a watch buffer, exactly as Turbo C showed. the first time my debugger could look at a graph of a variable through time, i found a bug, which meant for me that I was on to something, and i want to bring that capability and more to the debugging world, while keeping all of the old capabilities that have been proved a success.

For the time being i'll target projects that were compiled to windows 64 bit with MSVC as it's what i use. supporting 32 bit means also supporting different calling styles, which should be done, but not on the prototyping step of the project.

A video i recorded showing off the new graph system: https://www.dropbox.com/s/748msaygu7kwkk4/2016-06-30-0052-57.flv?dl=0.

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