The new parser

The_8th_mage  — 5 months, 3 weeks ago
I got a new watch buffer parser that uses a evaluation graph layout,which ginger_bill told me to do. It's really easy to see where things breaks now, and it's also easy to change an operation from one thing to two. For example, the arr[disp] operation is defined as *(arr+disp). In order to reuse things, when i evaluate the [] op i just turn it into a two node tree that corresponds to the composite operation above. The same is true for the -> op.

I implemented almost everything in the parser except for casting operations, i ...
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The bug hunt

The_8th_mage  — 7 months, 2 weeks ago
Hello everyone,
going by what i wrote in last blog post, i'm heading to alpha, and what it means is that i went into full bug extermination mode. a lot of bugs were found, a lot of bugs were killed, and some of them were scrubbed under the rug.

it's been a while now since i crashed on a single threaded debugging, while the multithreadede one still has some small problems, particularly when several threads go into the same graphpoint together.
I don't quite like the architecture of the debugger, it's too complicated, and it goes ...
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look what we have here

The_8th_mage  — 7 months, 4 weeks ago
a image of a new feature:

decided to stop perfecting the buffer for now, and head straight in order to get alpha going.
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I had a bug where whenever i issued a stepthrough i stalled, and i spent 3 hours debugging it today. When you write a debugger, you most likely use f10 to issue a step through. This is the story of the f10 key as a cursed key in windows.

Whenever you press f10 on windows, windows sends a WM_SYSKEYDOWN message to your WindowProc and if you don't intercept it and pass it to DefWindowProc(like you do with pretty much every message sent to WindowProc) it stalls your thread until at least the next input. msdn says it only ...
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Cleanup week

The_8th_mage  — 8 months ago

This week i felt like i was in a relatively good place in the debugger, and i wanted to do some cleanups before going forward. some of the cleanups were good, and took a great deal of complexity off the software and my mind,some may turn out to be not as good.

i cleaned the render queue inserts to take rects and thus simplifying the calls. the added simplicity of the calls got me to insert a tree view to the watch variables, and making the draw calls not go outside the watch variable 'window' by glScissor. i also ...
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First blog post

The_8th_mage  — 8 months, 2 weeks ago
Writing a new blog after the last one died down feels like being home again, but unlike the previous one, this is much less personal and much more focused on the debugger i'm writing, and the day to day work i do to keep it going further. The second major difference is that i'm writing it in English, and as you might see, English is a second language for me after Hebrew, so please don't look down on me for my capital letters or my use of tenses.

Well lets get to it, as you might see ...
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